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About Us

Our Goal / Mission Statement

To bring about better awareness and understanding of the state of human rights in Iran and the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy to the general public as well as to organize the community to actively participate in supporting the democratic movement in Iran.

Who we are / Our identity

MCSDI is an association of conscientious Iranian-Americans in Minnesota dedicated to supporting Iranian people’s struggle for democracy and human rights in Iran.

As a democratic association the membership represent a diverse political and social background, all united around the ideals of the democratic movement in Iran.

Iranian-Americans in Minnesota

What we want / Our ideals

We support the Iranian people’s demands listed below:

  • Civil liberties: The basic human rights of freedom of speech, assembly and justice for all.
  • Protection of innocent civilians from mass arrests, torture and execution.
  • Release of all political prisoners.
  • Democratic elections under international supervision.
  • Protection of the press and freedom of information and end of state sponsored censorship.
  • End of discrimination against women and ethnic and religious minorities.
  • Separation of church and state and a secular and democratic form of government in Iran.
  • support the Iranian